Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings

Odesza - A Moment Apart

Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings

Odesza - A Moment Apart

One of the most annoying, but also defining traits of my mind is the ability to picture scenes in such detail that is so frustrating that I want to record it. This is what happened while listening to the new Odesza album. This album releases so many emotions as it is a blend of beautiful instrumental tracks, uplifting vocals, and everything in between. Especially while listening to “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings”.

I spent approximately 45 minutes listening to this track over and over, picturing a music video, every intricate detail was running through my head. The colours, the depth of field, the characters, the lighting, and more importantly the story.

Picture This

Opening shot – Our camera moves slowly through a hallway to a dark bathroom lit with one small spotlight. A man is staring into a mirror, you can’t see his face, but you can see his silhouette.

Cut to a bar, a lonely table with a glass of wine (half drunk, with red lipstick around the rim) and a pint of beer. Then we cut to a shot of our protagonist (female) sat in the corner with a glass of wine, she is locked on that table, as if she’s seen a ghost. Cut back to the original table, she sees a man and a woman on a date. She sees them having a good time, but then the man looks at her and both of their faces change. They know each other, his face quickly changes to a face of embarrassment and shame, she shakes her head in disgust and turns away.

Cut to a slow-moving shot of a body lying on its side, starting at the feet. The room is dark, and the person is not moving, the shot moves slowly up the leg. The focus is soft and only small details are in clear focus.

Cut to a shot of our protagonist with the male on their first date, smiles and eyes gaze ever so brightly towards each other, people around them leave. they don’t go anywhere… this signifies that time flies when they’re together.

Cut to another shot back at the bar. The man and his date get up, they’re putting their jackets on, he desperately tries to avoid eye contact, but he can’t help but look at her one last time as he leaves.

Cut to another memory – The couple driving in their car together. They are holding each other’s hands, stroking each other’s leg and hair. They’re having a lovely time, taking pictures and soaking up the adventure. The kind of scene you’d put on a postcard for lovers.

Cut back to our lead, she launches out of her seat, and out the door. She tries to look for him, but he’s nowhere to be found. She looks devastated and lost. Her hands running through her hair, she’s confused and lost. The camera spins around as she turns and looks for him, she’s hyperventilating and panicking.

Cut back to a shot of the couple, this time in bed… holding hands cuddling, rolling around, the standard shot of a couple madly in love. Nothing can come between them. Their connection, their passion, their desire, the ultimate euphoria is all in this moment.

While this is happening, it’s intercut with shots of her walking the streets looking for this man, she goes to their favourite bars, the places they spent their Saturdays together. He’s nowhere. She can’t find him. Every time she walks through a new door she sees the memory of them together.

Cut back to shot of the person lying down. We move further up the body towards the waist. we slowly move past a hand next to it is a pill bottle, the lid was torn off, pills all over the floor and a bottle of vodka lay spilt and lying next to it.

We cut back to the shot of our lead girl. She’s frantically calling him. There is no audio, but she’s shouting down the phone trying desperately to get a response. She’s texting him “Where are you, why did you do this”

Back to the bathroom, the camera has now reached close to his neck, the phone is in focus. it’s ringing, you can see messages pop up and up on the screen.

We now cut to a bird’s eye shot of the person, the camera is spinning in a counter-clockwise motion and rising, the person is the man from the bar. He is clearly unconscious/deceased (potentially suicide) and the phone continues to ring. You can see the stains of shame across his face and dried tears. The pill bottle, the vodka turns to Jack Daniels, and the phone continues to ring.

We cut back to the bar, but this time our lead woman is sat in the seat the man was in, but this time she is with another man, and being watched by him. She gets up, the camera follows her from behind and before she leaves. She catches a glimpse of his face, he’s broken.

Does This Make Sense?

I’m hoping that this does make sense, I wrote most of it at 1 am while listening to this beautiful piece of music. To me, this story tells you of a girl who did wrong to someone and it destroyed that person. Her guilt drives her to replay his actions in her head, and at the end, it turns out she was the one who did this to him.

Man, I would really love to make this film a reality.

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