Movimiento es Vida

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo

“Movimiento es Vida” – A simple Spanish saying that translates to “movement is life” this is something my friend told me and it hit home hard. We are not supposed to stay in the same place our entire lives. Movement and adventure enrich our lives and because of this, we cannot allow ourselves to become stale and complacent being in the same space for too long.

Movement is something I’ve seriously lacked in the past four years. I have failed on numerous attempts to bite the bullet and drop £80+ on renewing my passport. This prevented me from stepping out into the world and escaping England. Honestly, my own tightness and unwillingness did this. I was of the opinion that £80 could have been better spent on new camera gear, new computer equipment, on a good meal, or put fuel in my car for another month. Pretty much any excuse under the sun to avoid shelling out money. Over a month ago I said, fuck it! I’m getting it sorted and I’m going to travel, I’m going to experience these places I’ve always wanted to visit but avoided doing anything about it.

Paris, France

I’m determined to make up for all those lost years I failed to take advantage of and travel to another country. I have a list of countries and a plan to visit them over the course of the next 18 months. I once made a promise to someone that we’d go to Paris. I still intend to keep that promise with or without that person. It is somewhere that I have been on numerous occasions, visited the sights, Disney Land and Christmas shopping. It may be considered expensive and nothing special by some, but I enjoy the history and places it has to offer.

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is one place I’ve always wanted to visit and after looking at flights and hotel costs along with consultation from friends who have been it is very affordable. Eight nights in Tokyo is definitely on the cards for a period between December and February. This will all rely on whether I can maintain my strict saving habit. Being such a huge fan of Asian food, culture, and even a little bit of Anime it is quite honestly one place I’ve always dreamt about visiting and if I could speak Japanese I’d probably move there.

Seoul, South Korea

Another place I have on my bucket list is South Korea. As a lover of cheesy Korean dramas, the food, and culture it is a no-brainer that I’d want to visit Seoul and marvel at all the technological wonders it offers. This will be a scary place to go on my own as ideally, I would love to experience this with a partner, but part of any movement is having the courage to go to places on your own.


I also wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones fan if I didn’t visit Kings Landing itself which is in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. A weekend will be enough for me as I’ve heard that since the release of Game of Thrones it has become quite expensive.

This will become an expensive 18 months, but my finances have become under control, I’m no longer spending excessive amounts on fuel every week. Saving has become a strong factor in my goals I am aiming to achieve and this will go a long way. Cut out the crap, sell things I no longer need, only spend when absolutely necessary and make the most of the freedoms I have. And all of these places I will document and take hundreds of photos to share. My blog will become the one stop shop for me to describe and present my experiences with you. I hope you’ll pop by when that happens.


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