Dji Osmo Mobile – Not For Me

Dji Osmo Mobile - Not For Me

Yesterday I received in the post a DJI Osmo Mobile. After a fan fair of reviews and praise on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and purchase one. Unfortunately, after only one day of usage, I Have decided to return it for a full refund.

It has bugged me as I was really looking forward to spending the next few weeks being creative. I intended to travel to interesting and visually appealing places and document it.

Issues with DJI Osmo Mobile

One of the main issues I came across was how slow it was to adjust and counter any movement. While I tried to film a friend on his BMX, a simple left to right motion took far too long. In an attempt to be creative I tried to compensate with the control stick to speed up the pan. However, this did not yield any visible improvements. My opinion is that this is targeted at consumers who will focus on vlogging. Whereas, my usage would be of varying styles which would require more responsiveness.

So because of these reasons, my future video plans have changed and I’m pretty gutted with how poor this piece of kit is, especially considering the price. Maybe my iPhone 7+ was too heavy for a speedy movement, but I’ll have to return and invest in an old SLR camera instead.

Until then, do expect a delay on video content for a month or two while I save to purchase a camera. If you know of a camera that is great in low light and shoots 1080 60fps, please let me know.

Dji Osmo Mobile - Not For Me

New Balanace and Style

New Balance

New Balance? What is that all about? Well, yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a brand new DJI Osmo Mobile. Why? If you’ve been reading my website you’ll know that I have decided I’m going to start documenting my adventures. Choosing the Osmo Mobile was a no brainer as my iPhone 7+ will be my camera of choice.

New Balance

The Osmo is a brilliant little gimbal which when coupled with the DJI Go App makes for a handy little film making tool. After a quick play, I can see this opening up a lot more creativity, but I may need a little more time to tweak the balancing and to invest in an external battery charger. I’m seriously looking forward to producing fresh content with this and present a “New Balance” feel to my video work. It might reminisce my Glidecam days, but who knows?

New Styles

I’m not one for changing my style too often, but with my change in physique and the need for new clothes, I’m using this as a chance for change. Tonight I’ll be hitting the town with a few good friends sporting a different look. Well, almost. You see, the blue shirt was a bit too big. Someone should really talk to H&M about their sizing. For a large, it feels like I’m wearing a dress instead of a shirt.

What you see below is a standard burgundy jumper from everyone’s favourite thrift shop – Primark. A blue long sleeve button up shirt from H&M, some slim stretch jeans and brown leather shoes from Topman. Overall the outfit was around £84. It was a bit more than I intended to spend, but as I’m being more outgoing and spending more and more time with people and networking, I felt it was best I make an effort.

New Balance

Wireless Audio Experience

Another thing that I picked up today was a set of Apple AirPods. Why? Well, you see that will all be revealed in a new video I’m going to produce over the next few weeks when I’ve gone through some testing. I’m planning to show off some hidden features I’ve discovered. Stick around for that.

This is a quick update while I plan out future posts and content. Until then, I’ll be out enjoying the night and working towards new goals.