Destiny 2 – How My Excitement Changed

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is just around the corner and my excitement for it has drastically changed, but why?

Destiny 2


Destiny was a game that consumed me, it became somewhat an addiction. The game was described as a looter shooter, but in all honesty, it was closer to a gambling/drug simulator. You’re constantly chasing the magic dragon in an attempt to get that one item you’ve been grinding 3,000 hours for.

Once you’ve acquired that item and all the other exotic items you’re after, what do you chase? Nothing, it becomes a repetitive mess. I played Destiny so much. I used it as an escape from day to day life and any personal issues. It was an escape, a place I could become something I’m not and meet other like minded people. The game has enabled me to make friendships with people I would never have had a chance to encounter if it werent for this game.


Once I reached that goal, that pinnacle of accomplishment – the game became stale and boring. I completed everything, collected all the gear, and played p2p to death. So when I first played the Destiny 2 PS4 beta, I was incredibly dissatisfied. The game felt the same, but a lot slower. I did not want to repeat the past three years of wasted days and nights repeating the same endless grind. I ran through the single player and I was impressed but worried as old mechanics still were in play. I ran the strike and it was the same old dull structure, and the PVP was incredibly slow being 4v4. It was after playing this beta, that I cancelled my collector’s edition pre-order. This is a product I would have spent considerable amounts of money on and spent countless hours playing. It was this beta that put a sour taste and uninterested taste in my mind.


However, now my thoughts have once again flipped on themselves. I’m excited again, not for the PS4 version, but the PC version. The open beta ran last week and it was incredible. Playing a game you loved (despite all its flaws) in uncapped potential is a completely different feeling. I enjoyed playing PVP, the game looked gorgeous, and with my m50x’s I was able to experience incredible audio fidelity.


As you can see above, the game looks beautiful (minus the YouTube compression). 1080p at 144fps (and above) is such a beautiful sight to see, especially when it doesn’t drop frames or show signs of screen tear. Playing the game with a mouse and keyboard is also extremely refreshing.  This has got me so excited to play, but the thought of waiting until October 24th for a release is no good. So I will be playing on PS4 and for one reason only; that reason is friendship. Not all of my friends who I’ve made through Destiny can afford a computer to run the game. And for that reason, I do not want to miss out on the chance of experiencing it all again with those same people on September 6th.