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Sunny Day in Edinburgh

TA Sunny Day in Edinburgh? Yes, I drove the daunting 320-mile trip to Edinburgh for a whopping 24 hours! Our day started at 5 am. We jumped out of bed, showered, got changed and chucked our bags in the car. After quick diesel stop and coffee for myself we were off.

Torrential Rain

The weather on leaving was absolutely horrible, torrential rain, windy, and barely any visibility. At points, I was contemplating turning the car around and calling it quits. Fortunately, around an hour into the journey the skies opened up and it was pure blue skies the entire route. Our journey was long! We arrived in Edinburgh at 11:15 and straight away we parked the car and headed into the city. Squeaks picked our hotel and she couldn’t have picked a better location, it was five-minutes from the castle.

We wandered the city checking out the usual tourist attractions and visited sites. On that list was Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Princes Street, the Scottish Gallery, and even visit a Harry Potter store.

The Hotel

Around 4 pm we decided to check into our hotel at the Residence Inn Marriott. We were greeted with smiles and were provided with a free upgrade to a studio suite. Our hotel was right amongst a selection of highly rated bars and restaurants which made our evening dining experience very nice! We opted for Malaysian food, but it was extremely busy and were asked to come back in an hour. So what do you do when you have an hour to kill? You go to the nearest bar and get yourself a glass of wine and a Jack and Coke.


Next door to our restaurant of choice was a small bar called “No.8“. “No.8” bar was interesting, it had a smart appeal to it but with a twist. The customers were dressed smartly, the decor and vibe were that of somewhere with class, but one thing stood out. No.8’s entertainment is a projector screen that played classic episodes of the X-men cartoon series.


Fast forward to our food and “Nanyang” was our dining choice, the food was exceptional. As you walk in you are greeted with awards and certificates which displayed famous Malaysian celebrities and politicians praising their food. We both opted for started (which were rather large) and mains. The food is some of the best Asian cuisines I’ve experienced and so filling. Squeak, unfortunately, filled up a bit too quick and we asked for our food to be packed up and we headed off for the night.

Shot on iPhone 7+

Below are a few photos I took using my iPhone. I’m not too happy with the quality of my phone recently, so I am seriously considering biting the bullet and purchasing a full camera setup again. The thought has been in the pipeline for a while, but with a new car (badly timed essential purchase) it has been hard to achieve.

Scottish Owl

Royal Mile


Golden Hour

Edinburgh Castle

Random Family

Telephone Boxes

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