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Teme Raw Frame

Since starting my job I’ve been working with the owners on a plan they had set in motion since long before I came on. I think my previous roles at Vital BMX was one of the key reasons I was hired. Having had experience in marketing and working in the BMX industry helps a lot. This new project is something for the BMX fans.

Teme BMX

Teme BMX is the brainchild of Rob Brookes one of my managers at the various companies I work for. He decided that after dealing with piss poor service and customer care from Mini BMX brands that he wanted to start his own BMX brand and produce affordable high-quality BMX parts. Fortunately for him, I was looking for a new job in February and I came along. It’s exciting, to say the least, and also very terrifying to join a company and be thrown into the harsh and very oversaturated BMX market. Expect to break even and survive is always on your mind, but hopefully, my connections and advice can help them drive sales and build a following.


The BMX market is insanely oversaturated, there are more brands than anyone can remember and most being dominated by direct to consumer brands. This becomes an issue as veteran brands and hardcore brands can’t compete without cutting the middle man. Local bike shops are the life line of brands like these. With Teme, it is an extension of Rob’s BMX store located in Martley, Worcestershire. This supports the local scene but also cuts out the middle man that would be a distributor. However, Rob doesn’t wish to cannibalise the BMX market, he aims to build on it by supporting other brands by providing high-quality custom built completes.

The Products

The first products to come out of Teme BMX are two frames, a set of wheels, forks and handlebars. The frames come in a 20″ and 18″ model and are available in both raw and matte black finishes, the bars are 8.75″ rise and 29″ wide, also available in Matte Black. When it comes to forks they’re built to last but feature a modern 28mm offset for steep nose tricks. The wheels are built for those on a budget but feature fully sealed hubs, a 9t cassette hub and female axles. These hubs are laced to double wall rims.

Below are a few photographs of the products that will be coming to market this week. I’m happy to also announce that Jack Lannie will be out first supported rider.

Teme Wheel Set

Teme Matte Black Frame Teme Matte Black Forks Teme Raw Frame


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