A Happy Legacy

What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want your Legacy to be? These are questions everyone should ask themselves. I’ve met many people over my lifetime and my perception of them always boils down to three types of personalities. Those who spend their time trying to please others. Those who spend their time working hard to make money and become successful, and those who spend their time being complacent with everything they’re given.

The Pleaser

The pleasers spends their time trying to please others usually end up lonely, unfulfilled or settling into a life they’re forever unhappy with or reverting back to the old faithful to fill a gap in their lives.

The Hustler

Those who spend their time working hard to make money and work on success end up with an unfulfilled life. Missing incredible opportunities due to their focus on building their business or brand. It eventually becomes too late to enjoy life’s pleasures. Neglecting travel, family, and love as their focus is elsewhere. The hustle is the obsession and the goal for success and nothing comes between them.

The Complacent

The complacent is a type of person who is happy with their current situation. There is no a need to improve, they enjoy their 9-5 job and the amount of time they spend with their family. £25k a year and a man/woman who loves them are all they need.

A Happy Legacy

My Legacy

This observation is absolutely everything I do not want in life. I want to build a legacy of success and one of being a good person. Pleasing everyone is unattainable, but I’ll damn well try with the expectation of being successful. A hunger to be successful in anything I take on is always driving me, the process and the passion of working towards something that keeps me engaged drives me. Complacency? Yes, I want that. Coming home to a beautiful and loving wife who appreciates your hard work is a dream of mine.

I know I can’t please everyone, I know success is hard work and requires time and dedication. With all things in life and business, to succeed you have to stop being a pussy and put in work. Without the hustle there is no reward, without compassion there is no love, without selfishness there can be no selflessness.

I am going to travel, I am going to document, I’m going to build a successful BMX community, and I’m going to create some incredible memories with that special girl!

What will your legacy be?

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