Help Those Who Help You

Help Those Who Help You

They say that you should never take anything for granted. This is entirely true, so you should always repay debts and be kind to others.

Help Those Who Help You

Since starting at Teme Industries I’ve pushed to involve the local scene to come support the shop. I have always done my best to help them out whenever I can. One person who has helped out an insane amount is Jack Lannie. Jack has sent customers across Worcester to our shop and repped hard since I began. This level of dedication was never asked for and has been a staple in the character that Jack has. I want to help out my friends and I do not want this hard work and friendship to go unnoticed.

So as of today, I’m excited to announce the Jack Lannie having spoken with my boss about it over the past few months is now the first rider to be repping the brand Teme BMX. He’ll be sporting the frame (only five were made in this colour), wheels, forks, and bars. I couldn’t let him have half a bike, so we hooked Jack up with fresh Odyssey and BSD parts to complete the ride.

Teme BMX is not interested in paying riders insane amounts of money. We want to help local riders and build a scene based on community, not money. Jack is a shredder who has a positive attitude to riding who travels about the UK with other riders and his other sponsor Unit3Sixty.

Jack Lannie on Teme BMX
Jack Lannie New Bike


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