The Great Realisation

The Great Realisation

People are creatures of habit. They cling to things they know and repeat their mistakes over and over. I’ve only come to realise this recently and it is why I am on a desperate voyage to reprogram my train of thought and reactions to situations

I see people walk into the same mistakes over and over. I am no exception to this. People crave attention, they beg for acceptance and to feel wanted when they’re at their lowest form. This leads to brash decisions and repeating the same mistakes that put you into that situation.

Today was another prime example of that when seeking closure I saw someone who was once very close to me become exactly that, a creature of habit and attention. Repeating a past mistake to feel something in an attempt to get over a situation.

One thing people need to understand is that you do NOT need attention. Please take my advice and do not repeat your mistakes.

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